It’s not fun any more feeling the pain,
Would I want to go on or should I stay;
It’s not amusing any more feeling the strain,
Yet my heart wants to remain for another day.
I want to sing the last song with all my might,
Perhaps I will give up my struggling life.
Would I want to go or should I stay?
The excitement I had once had vanished;
Left undetectable allowing me to stray,
My heart with torment was replenished.
I want to sing the last song for all time sake,
For there is no time to fix only to break.
The love I have for her kept me going strong,
For many, many years living within me;
Through the good and the bad times, I scraped along,
Always in my heart being a persuasive devotee.
I want to sing the last song for the Almighty God,
To remind myself how that he’s only a fraud.

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